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  Forever growing. Constantly changing. Always Evolving.

We aspire to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. We are here to help you do that too. Whatever your goals may be; flexibility, peace, inner or outer strength, rehabilitation, or maybe something more.

Our instructors are here to help you push past any limiting beliefs you may have, to help you attain your goals, and have fun on the journey there. We are a group of fun-loving, passionate, open-minded individuals who love what we do. We are all different. Different personalities, different hobbies, extroverted, introverted, but we are authentic and always striving to our highest potential.

We hope to inspire you to reach for yours as well.

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1325 SE 25th Loop Suite 101, Ocala, FL 34471  |  Tel: 603-892-2209 

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Meet Our Tribe


Jenny Finneran

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 Yoga ended up being an inward journey for Jenny and led her to find out more about herself than she could have ever imagined. Because of yoga, Jenny feels she is a better version of herself physically and mentally. Yoga has changed her whole life. Her goal as a teacher is to give all students that cross her path the opportunity to feel what she has experienced. Jenny encourages everyone to have open minds and hearts and to take what they learn on the mat into their daily life. Jenny also specializes in pushing you to be better, even when you may doubt yourself. Her goal is to teach everyone how to more in tune by syncing the body and mind in order to find peace . As the studio owner Jenny wants to provide a space for everyone to grow in all aspects in their lives. The answers you seek start with stillness and breath on your mat,


Maggie Merkiel

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Maggie grew up in a small village in County Cork, Ireland. As a young girl she loved to dance which became her form of self expression. She performed with the Cork City Ballet in multiple productions and graduated from Dance College in Colàiste Stiofàin Naofa. Maggie spent a couple of years traveling and working in the Spanish Canary Islands where she cultivated the Yama ‘Aparigraha’ (Non-hoarding/letting go) as she lived and traveled with fewpossessions. Ultimately her travels led her to Palm Coast Florida where she returned to her love of movement and mind body connection through yoga and  embarked on her 200hr YTT under the esteemed Gillian Taylor, founder of One Love Yoga. This program allowed Maggie to gain an extensive knowledge of the asana practice and an understanding of the philosophy of Yoga. Following her graduation she taught multiple classes a week in the Palm Coast area. She moved to Ocala with her husband in September 2021 and is excited to share her practice with students in Ocala as she continues her own learning and practice of applying the Yamas and Niyamas to her daily life. 


Carley Ray

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Carley began her yoga journey at the age of 13. Ever since then, she has constantly found peace and serenity on her mat, and slowly discovered a new relationship with her self. Noticing the positive changes that followed her yoga journey, she developed a passion to give others safe space to process and discover themselves. Carley strongly believes that positive change stems from forming safe relationship with the body, mind and spirit, and yearns to offer that sense of safety and peace to all her clients.


Haley Miller

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Haley fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2011 while attending Occupational Therapy Assistant School and living in Denver, CO. She started practicing heated power yoga to escape the cold climate, eventually branching out into various styles of yoga.After graduating, Haley moved back to Ocala. Her love of practicing Yoga led her to pursue her teacher training through a True Form 200 YTT program.Haley has experience in teaching power yoga, slow flow, Vin Yin, couples yoga, and meditation.Haley loves helping others on and off the mat, join her on the mat and experience her love for assisting other in their yoga practice.

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Shira Griffin

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I began teaching yoga in Concord, NH 2012. My background is in Taoist Yoga and Bikram (hot) yoga. My passion to share yoga stems from my own healing journey that continues to develop today. This is your body, this is your mind; come find your Self beyond this gathering of of body/mind and open your experience to joyful expression on and off the mat.


Zaneh Romaine

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Zaneh, pronounced like Dana, but with a “Z”. 😊 Zaneh was born and raised in Ocala, Fl and have pretty much lived an active lifestyle most of her life. Like many others, her health took a back seat when it came to  education and soon after college I found herself overweight, stressed, and constantly fatigued among other ailments. When she finally decided to turn things around she found herself struggling to maintain a consistent workout routine. At the time, most exercises were too stressful on the body and would cause a negative reaction with my blood sugar (probably from the years of abuse on her body and the overconsumption of caffeine in college). Frustrated with the realization that even most exercises were too stressful on her body, she was  suggested to try yoga. And was the best advice she had ever received! Zaneh can still remember that first class and how amazing she felt; physically, mentally, and even spiritually. It was this beautiful blend of strength and flexibility with a connection to breath. Zaneh felt her mind was clear and focused.  It was such a magical and memorable experience that has made her hooked to yoga ever since. As a yoga teacher, it is my hope to spark the interest of each student and ignite a hunger to keep coming back for more. I’ll see you on your mat!

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Anny Corzo

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 Anny began her yoga practice in the search of balance in mental health during high school. Attending class at the YMCA at 16 helped her discover exactly what she needed to find my center and empower herself through breathwork and movement. Yoga became her creative outlet for expression. After 3 years of practice, her true passion to help others began to slow down and strengthen their self-awareness so they can show up as their highest self was brought light. We all have the answers to the questions we ask ourselves in order to improve our well-being, sometimes it’s just easier to hear the answers clearly once we’ve learned how to sit in stillness. With my ongoing inner journey. Anny approaches teachings with the intention to help my students cultivate a healthy relationship with their mind, body, and spirit so they can experience the joys of life.


Erica Dyce

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Erica have been practicing yoga for 5 years and have a passion for helping others find balance and inner peace through the practice of yoga and breath. Her goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which individuals of all levels can deepen their practice. 

When Erica is not teaching classes, you can find her hiking, cooking or practicing on her own mat.


Lindsey Reed

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Lindsey came to yoga seeking the benefits of an asana practice but found so much more. With each class she took, she gained a sense of grounding, lightness, and clarity. This led her to explore the practice more through workshops, retreats, and 200 hour YTT. Now as a teacher, she strives to provide her students with the same sense of equanimity of mind, body, and spirit that yoga has given her. 

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