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Gentle Yoga
Great for seniors, beginners, and those looking to increase mobility. Very mild movements which are accessible to everyone. Focuses on stretching and moving the body gently to increase circulation of the body.
Power Vinyasa
Emphasizes the fundamentals of yoga while presenting the poses and sequencing in a more challenging way. Vinyasa warms up the body with a combination of movements that will help improve flexibility, strength,  and balance.  
*(Modifications & Assisting will be offered to make the class more approachable to newer practitioners )*
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The first half is a vinyasa flow to warm up the body with poses that help strengthen and balance. The second half is yin, deep stretches to open the fascia that will be held for 3 to 5 minutes. Yin helps increase flexibility and mobility of the body.
Slow Flow
A vinyasa-style class focused on connecting breath with movement. This class is slower-paced but will still be challenging and get the body warm. Suitable for all levels!

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Membership Packages
One Class Pass
First Month
30 Days for $30

*New Students Only*
5 Classes
*in 2 months*
Unlimited Monthly
*Auto Renew*
Family Pass
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