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Get to Know.... Nina!

Nina currently teaches our Monday 6pm Power Yoga class and subs for us all the time!

1. What is your diet like? Mostly I eat very clean. A fresh foods, homemade, and nothing processed approach. I stick to the outskirts of a grocery store and my fridge is empty at the end of the week. This is not to say I don’t indulge. My husband and I both worked in the restaurant industry so we know our way around the kitchen. We try to limit it to holidays and special occasions though. ;) Everything in moderation, right?!

2. How often do you practice yoga? 3-4 times a week.

2a. Favorite pose? Any standing pose, Warrior poses, crescent poses, I like feeling grounded and strong.

2b. Least favorite-FROG! Isn’t that everyone’s? But really any hip openers, I have really tight hips, and arthritis, so they are not the best for me.

2c. Pose you're working towards? Inversions, forearm stand and/or tripod right now.

3. Do you practice other forms of exercise? Yes, I try to be active daily even if it’s just a walk, but I listen to my body and take a day off weekly. I bike, run, strength train, and do HIITs workouts.

4. What do u do when not working? I love the outdoors, museums, thrifting and spending time with friends. I’m a huge book and movie fan. Currently reading the Wheel of Time series. My favorite thing lately is reading a book in my hammock in the backyard with my pup.

5. Best tip to remove or release fear and anxiety? Breathing techniques are a big one for me. Just lying in savasana with left hand to heart, right hand to belly doing some deep abdominal breathing, listening to the in and out of breath. I like bee breath and others as well.

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