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Get to Know... Jenny!

1. What is your diet like? I am vegan! I do eat a lot of raw veggies and am very creative in the kitchen. I do have a good balance. I don't restrict myself when I crave something "naughty," I eat it, enjoy it, and don't usually overindulge 🙈, then move forward. Because that's the way it should be!!

2. How often do you practice yoga? Every single day. Even 10 minutes. It's important to connect to your body in your breath on a daily basis. Everybody can do at least five minutes in child's pose 🤪

2a. Favorite pose? Tough. Tie between Balancing Half Moon and Skandonsa

2b. Least favorite? I seriously don't think I have one 🙈 I believe the poses that most people don't like are because they are too hard or they are tight in that area and avoid it.. but that usually means that you need that posture and to work on it! So when I struggle I strive to work on it and be better!

2c. Pose you're working towards? Full splits and holding my handstand. I can easily get up there now (last January 2019, I couldn't), but I can't hold it longer than 5 seconds! Goal to stick and hold it and hangout all day ❣️

3. Do you practice other forms of exercise? Typical do some strength exercise 2 times a week! Whether it's body weight, Pilates, or weights!

4. What do u do when not working? A perfect day off for me is to wake up naturally, do my morning ritual (meditate, journal, and yoga), then tire my dogs out and spend the rest of the day with my fiance doing something fun outdoors: bike/rollerblades or on the water. I'll take a million photos. Typically end with a wine/ beer tasting somewhere, yummy food, then a movie snuggled up. OR a weekend getaway to Disney and Universal Studios!

5. Best tip to remove or release fear and anxiety? Write down what you're feeling. Let it out. Re-read it, notice where it's coming from. Accept it. Then breathe. Meditate. Go outside if it's nice out, take a bath, or color.

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