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Get to Know a Yogi

With all of the busyness of our normal daily lives, it's hard to sit and get to know each other. So this just might be the perfect way!

Get to know..... Wendy!

1. What is your diet like?

I don't follow any diets. I eat small snacks all day and have a good size dinner, this is usually what my schedule allows, but if I have time for a big breakfast or lunch I definitely do!

If I have a craving for something I let myself have it, but I try to balance everything out.

2. How often do you practice yoga?

Normally 4-5 times a week, but lately 6-7 times a week.

2A. Favorite pose?

Crescent lunge and triangle pose. And pyramid. And forward fold. And... there's too many...

2B. Least favorite pose?

Anything where the front of my neck is exposed, like fish and camel.

2C. Pose you're working towards right now?

Handstand and wide legged forward fold

3. Do you practice other forms of exercise?

Yes, I workout at home doing the HIITs workouts I taught at the studio and light weights.

4. What do you do when your not working?

I spend time with my kids, fix up the house, and spend time with my boyfriend. I'm not big into TV or movies, unless the kids or bf want me to watch with them, but I love reading!

5. Best tip to remove or release fear and anxiety: Get Moving! Go outside and walk, open up the windows and do a workout and if it's raining, turn the TV off, make a beverage of your choice and just sit and enjoy the rain.

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